Feedback and Complaints

At Centre Com, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and advice.

Whether you are providing general feedback or making a complaint, we value your input and consider it as extremely important.

For general enquires, please visit our contact page.

You can register a complaint or provide feedback via email:

SuperStore Sunshine
Store Manager: Rashid Mahmood
Centre Com Apple Store
Store Manager: Roger Chu
SuperStore Clayton
Store Manager: Vikrant Paul
SuperStore Hawthorn
Store Manager: Travis Senn
SuperStore Nunawading
Store Manager: Anek Sakulsataya
SuperStore Bendigo
Store Manager: Alan Dannatt
Centre Com Apple Store Bendigo
Store Manager: Jose Collado
Store Manager: Alan Tran
Store Manager: Tarquin Macey
Store Manager: Aleksandar Manevski
Store Manager: Aleksandar Manevski
Centre Com Online
Store Manager: Ramon Costello


Complaint Resolution

Our endeavour will be to resolve your concern at your first point of contact.

We will acknowledge the receipt of your email within 24 hours, and endeavour to provide a full response to your enquiry within 3 working days.

If our store managers are unable to resolve a complaint themselves they will escalate your complaint to the regional manager to ensure that your complaint is resolved to your satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, your complaint will be escalated to the Operations Manager.