Reliable Computer Repair Services You Can Trust

PC Repair

We provide in-store repair service for desktops and laptops. Our customer service is unmatched and our turnaround time is generally a day or two. Longer repair times are advised in advance. All are technicians are well trained with years of experience behind them.

Laptop Repair and Replacement

We offer complete equipment and software solutions answers for laptops and tablets. We repair/replace cracked screens, keyboards, fans, hard drives, batteries and memory. We also fix software glitches, scan and remove virus’ and security threats without affecting your files.

Apple Repair

We offer Apple repairs including reinstallation of the standard operating systems, adding or changing Hard Disk Drive and Memory.

Custom-built Computers

We are Australia’s leading custom computer builders. We stock a massive range of parts from all major brands. Our custom PC builder allows you to build a PC to your exact specifications. We have years of experience in building computers and every single machine is thoroughly stress-tested before it is dispatched safely via Star Track Express.

Warranty Repairs

We can repair systems under manufacturer’s warranty. If your computer is still under manufacturer’s warranty, we are authorised and equipped to repair: ACER, TOSHIBA, ASUS.

Software Services

In addition to hardware repairs, we offer the following software repair services:
  • Fixing system crashes
  • Blue screen errors
  • Missing DLL files
  • Slow applications
  • Unwanted pop-ups
  • Reinstallation of OS and OEM software.

Repair Pricing

Our repair prices are among the most competitive in the market with no hidden costs.

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Repair Centre Locations

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